How to Grow Your Business with ICTC’s WIL Digital and WIL Digital e-Learning


If you are looking to level up your business’s digital game in 2023, you need to find the right talent with the necessary skills to bring you over the finish line.  

But amid the current tech market correction, many employers face financial barriers to hiring. The answer? ICTC’s Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) Digital and WIL Digital e-Learning programs.  

Wage Subsidies for Hiring Young Talent 

Funded by the Government of Canada’s Student Work Placement Program (SWPP), WIL Digital helps employers grow their businesses by providing wage subsidies for hiring post-secondary students in meaningful job experiences. The program provides 50% of a student’s salary up to $5,000, or 70% up to $7,000 for hiring students in underrepresented groups. 

By participating in the program, you can onboard young talent and allocate the funds you saved using the wage subsidy towards digital transformation, acquiring inventory, or simply getting things done. At the same time, the student gains practical job experience while bringing fresh ideas and skills to your business. 

Plus, ICTC’s WIL Digital placements stand out from the student hiring pool due to their unique access to ICTC’s WIL Digital e-Learning courseware. 

Professional Development that Meets Employer Needs 

Consider that when students enter the job market, they may still lack practical experience and industry-specific skills and knowledge. Outside of reviewing resumes or checking references, how can you ensure that a student is truly prepared for the workplace? 

ICTC’s e-Learning courses fill that gap.   

WIL Digital’s sister program, WIL Digital e-Learning, gives students in work placements free access to ICTC’s specialized e-Learning courses.  

This professional development opportunity teaches industry terminology and approaches, and covers key sectors of the digital economy, including Artificial Intelligence, Accessibility in Technology, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and many more. 

Participating employers have found that hiring students who were enrolled in these courses have reduced onboarding time and costs. The students quickly learn essential industry terminology and gain foundational understandings of the sector’s ecosystem and trends, allowing them to smoothly transition to the organization and become more productive and confident employees faster. 

The courses feature live networking with subject matter experts, which gives the students cutting-edge, up-to-the-minute information that they can immediately implement in your workplace. 

The courses also build soft skills that help the students effectively navigate workplace culture and challenges. The courses not only teach key topics in the digital economy but also help improve critical thinking, collaboration, and time management through practical case study assignments that address real industry scenarios.  

ICTC continues to expand the WIL Digital e-Learning offering and is currently launching courses in Sustainable Agriculture, Digital Transformation, and Clean Energy and Pathways to Net Zero.  

Real Business Impact 

Many employer alumni have shared that they would consider hiring their WIL Digital students long-term. The magic combination of a wage subsidy and specialized e-learning courses transforms students into informed, productive, and valuable employees that can make a substantive difference for your business.  

WIL Digital employer, Robert Ohlmann of Ohlmann & Associates, Chartered Professional Accountant, shared his experience with the program noting that, “the financial support has been very helpful and allowed us to work with emerging professionals in our field. The students’ enthusiasm and passion to learn and grow in their chosen field of study has been beneficial to our business and exciting to witness.”  

If you're looking for top-notch digital talent or planning for expansion in 2023, start by applying to WIL Digital and encourage your student placements to register for WIL Digital e-Learning.  

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We look forward to helping you level up your business!