ICTC Digital Literacy & Skills Roadmap

A national guide for building Canadian digital literacy and skills in education, industry, government, and at home.



This national Roadmap is a guide for building digital literacy and skills for Canada to be used by education, industry, government, individuals and interested stakeholders. The model is intended to be flexible and fluid and areas may cross-over while also offering a continuum. 

To navigate the tool, it is suggested to start with the “Discover” Stage and work your way through the document to the “Lead” Stage. The “Discover” Stage is the starting point for building the foundation for digital literacy and skills. This tool is intended to be inclusiveness as digital is everywhere. This is why, under Learning Pathways, you will note 3 pathways – Education, Occupation and Personal.  

  • Educational Pathway: Individuals will acquire digital skills through formal education/training
  • Occupational Pathway: This path introduces digital competencies through experiential learning
  • Personal Pathway: Digital literacy is developed for use in everyday life (i.e. Internet of things or connected cars and homes)

The education path introduces digital to learners through education; whereas the occupation path introduces digital to workers and the citizen path introduces digital to individuals and society.

The Roadmap was built to be continually evergreened as digital literacy and skills evolve. We invite you to share feedback, insights, additional explanations, and skills definitions to inform the pathways and the Roadmap.

The Roadmap includes a compilation and elements of various digital literacy models, including the extensive work done by MediaSmarts, ESDC, ISTE, ISED, and other digital literacy experts, and has been built by ICTC’s Canadian Leadership Taskforce on Education & Skills.