Employment Data by Location

Insights, statistics, and ICT job data across Canada’s regions.

Match your skills to regional tech ecosystems

Canada's regions differ vastly in size, population, economic output and the maturity and strengths of their tech sectors.      

These provincial snapshots provide some key insights into their general and ICT economies, ICT and digital occupations, and the impact of COVID-19.      

For a brief summary, you can hover over/tap each province in the map below.

Canada's Digital Economy

Canada's Digital Economy

Canada's Smart Cities

Nearly 25 million people, or 80% of Canadians, now live in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau, Calgary, and Edmonton.  

Each of these and other major Canadian regional cities have diverse and vibrant economies. Harnessing digital technologies will be critical for creating more livable, sustainable and economically viable urban spaces.  

Along with rapid digital disruption, smart city investments will impact existing jobs and drive demand for new occupations in the evolution of work.