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Insights, statistics, and ICT job data across Canada’s regions.


With established leadership in the natural resources sector, the province is growing its strength in cleantech and ag-tech, while expanding its footprint in digital media.

British Columbia

A top destination for outdoor enthusiasts from around the world, BC is home to a diverse economy and the fastest-growing tech sector in all of Canada. BC leads in areas including creative technology, clean technology, and life sciences.


A national leader in ag-tech, Manitoba’s ICT sector surpassed $2 billion in 2019. Industries like finance, energy and ecommerce are increasingly responsible for employment of the province’s ICT workers.

Nova Scotia

Where coastal heritage meets the highest concentration of ocean-related PhD’s in the world, Nova Scotia spearheads Canadian advances in clean tech and ocean-business.


A French-language, cosmopolitan digital-tech powerhouse, Quebec is home to one of Canada’s biggest AI and creative technology clusters.


Canada's "Bread Basket" province includes the Protein Industries Canada Innovation Supercluster. The province is home to ag-tech and biotech companies, as well as businesses that help mining industries innovate.