Jump-Starting Digital Careers (JDC)

When & where
  • Canada
Who it's for
  • Canadian educators for students in the K-12 classroom and beyond

To be succesful in the digital era, our youth need to develop digital skills for higher education and the workplace. ICTC’s Jump-Starting Digital Careers (JDC) program creates learning pathways for youth toward digital careers by working with educators and industry.

JDC includes curriculum-based programs at various grade levels and experience levels. Combining integrated digital skills education, experiential learning in and out of the classrroom, and technology career exploration, the JDC program broadens the view youth have of technology.

JDC offers:

CyberTitan Competition

CyberTitan is a National Youth Cyber Education Program with an annual Cyber Defense Competition in the spring of each year. The competition puts teams of secondary school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals responsible for managing the network of a small company.

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The CyberBytes program empowers educators with the knowledge and practical skills to navigate the digital landscape effectively and seamlessly integrate technology into their professional and personal lives. The curriculum spans a spectrum of topics, encompassing digital literacy, cybersecurity, digital design, and emerging technologies, with a keen focus on their influence on education and society.

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Focus on Information Technology (FIT)

Focus on IT (FIT) is a nationally-recognized certificate program that provides secondary school students with valuable course guidance that fosters ICT and digital skills development. The program requires a two- to three-year commitment. After graduation, students are encouraged to pursue industry work experiences (i.e., co-ops) and additional learning opportunities.

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Middle Years Focus on Information Technology (MyFIT)

Middle Years Focus on IT (MyFIT) is a nationally recognized program that provides middle school students with valuable ICT and digital skills development. It provides practical hands-on experience for students and promotes innovative and strategic thinking. The FIT program can help create an ICT learning pathway into secondary education.

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Cybrary: Cybersecurity Course and Resource Library

In today's digital landscape, the rise of cybersecurity threats requires that students are not only aware of online risks but also equipped to defend against them. Developing digital proficiency is a cornerstone for higher education, career advancement, and technological literacy. ICTC provides specialized programs and learning pathways designed for Canadian K-12 students to strengthen digital proficiency.

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TeachTEC (Technology Enhanced Curriculum)

TeachTEC is a comprehensive educator resource designed to streamline curriculum planning, offering valuable lessons, units, and formal assessment strategies for both students and teachers. It champions interdisciplinary, cross-curricular practices while meeting compulsory education requirements and nurturing cyber education skills and literacy.

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