The Digital Literacy and Skills Roadmap is the latest tool initiated by ICTC’s National Taskforce on Education and Skills. Previously the task force launched ICTC’s #ICT4ALL, an online database of ICT resources and tools that will provide Canadians with learning opportunities needed to drive Canada’s economic growth and innovation.

Users of the Roadmap will select a learning pathway to discover the abilities and skills associated with each stage of digital learning from the novice user to the digital leader.

  • Educational Pathway: Individuals will acquire digital skills through formal education/training
  • Occupational Pathway: This path introduces digital competencies through experiential learning
  • Personal Pathway: Digital literacy is developed for use in everyday life (i.e. Internet of things or connected cars and homes)

To explore the Digital Literacy and Skills Roadmap and start a pathway to discovery, visit Follow the conversation using hashtag the #ICT4ALL.