Jump-Starting Digital Careers (JDC)


Curriculum-based learning pathways for digital careers for youth.

To succeed in the digital age, it is essential for students to develop digital skills that will prepare them for higher education and the workforce. Investing in these skills at an early age is critical for Canada's economic future. To support this effort, in collaboration with educators and industry professionals, ICTC's Jump-Starting Digital Careers (JDC) program offers learning pathways for K-12 students to prepare for rewarding careers in the digital. By providing students with the necessary skills and experience, the JDC program is helping to ensure that Canada's future workforce is equipped to thrive in a digital world.
The JDC program offers a range of educational programs that align with the provincial curriculum for primary and secondary school students. In addition to academic subjects, the JDC program also provides opportunities for students to explore careers in the technology sector. These opportunities include integrated digital skills education, hands-on learning experiences both in and outside the classroom, and exposure to various technology career paths. By offering this comprehensive range of resources and experiences, the JDC program is preparing the next generation for success in a digitally-driven world.


JDC offers:

- CyberTitan Competition

CyberTitan is a National Youth Cyber Education Program with an annual Cyber Defense Competition in the spring of each year. The competition puts teams of secondary school and middle school students in the position of newly hired IT professionals responsible for managing the network of a small company.

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- Middle Years Focus on IT (Grades 6-8)

Middle Years Focus on IT (MyFIT) is a nationally-recognized program that provides middle school students with valuable ICT and digital skills development. This practical, hands-on experience for students promotes innovative and strategic thinking and can create a learning pathway into a secondary school delivering the FIT program.

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- Focus on IT (Grades 9-12)

Focus on IT (FIT) is a nationally-recognized certificate program that provides secondary school students with valuable course pathways that foster ICT and digital skills development. The program requires a two to three year commitment. After graduation, students are encouraged to pursue industry work experiences (i.e., co-ops) and additional learning opportunities.

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- Cybrary: Cybersecurity Course and Resource Library

The Cybrary Cybersecurity Course and Resource Library program is dedicated to equipping young learners with vital skills for thriving in digital careers. Through customized, adaptable, and bilingual education, this program seamlessly integrates with Canada's educational framework, empowering students with cybersecurity knowledge and proficiency essential for their future success.

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- TeachTEC (Technology Enhanced Curriculum)

TeachTEC is a comprehensive educator resource designed to streamline curriculum planning, offering valuable lessons, units, and formal assessment strategies for both students and teachers. It champions interdisciplinary, cross-curricular practices that meet compulsory education requirements while nurturing cyber education skills and literacy.

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- CyberBytes

CyberBytes is a curriculum for teacher education in 4 key fields and will be made accessible online to teachers across the country. Teachers will complete 3 levels of training across each of the 4 key areas.

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- Digital Literacy & Skills Roadmap

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Funded by the Government of Canada’s CanCode Initiative