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Equipping middle and secondary school students with critical skills for a digital-based economy.


The growth in cyber attacks on Canadian companies highlights the need for more comprehensive cybersecurity training, particularly for young people. As the internet of things becomes increasingly integrated into daily life, it is crucial that youth are equipped with the necessary cybersecurity skills, regardless of their chosen career path.

The ICTC's CyberTitan initiative aims to provide middle and secondary school students with hands-on learning experience in simulated cyber threat environments to develop the critical digital skills needed to succeed in STEM programs and a variety of professional fields. Through partnerships with industry, government, and schools across Canada, this sponsorship-driven initiative identifies and nurtures promising young cybersecurity talent.

Registrations for CyberTitan is open from April to October. The program runs from October to February, culminating in a year-end competition finale in May. You can enroll up to 5 teams of 2-6 players per team.


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CyberTitan aims to cultivate the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. We rely on the support of sponsors to make this program a success, so if you are interested in becoming a sponsor and supporting the development of the future cybersecurity workforce, please contact us at @email

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  • You are a current educator in the middle and secondary Canadian school system


We welcome the opportunity to partner with you and build a stronger, more secure future together.



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