Technical sales specialists - wholesale trade

NOC 62100
Electronic and Electrical Engineer
Average Salary

$ 59,946

Demand Level
high demand career
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
Electronic and Electrical Engineer

Job Description

Technical sales specialists, wholesale trade, sell a range of technical goods and services, such as scientific, agricultural and industrial products, electricity, telecommunications services and computer services, to governments and to commercial and industrial establishments in domestic and international localities. They are employed by establishments that produce or provide technical goods and services, such as pharmaceutical companies, industrial equipment manufacturing companies, grain elevators, computer services firms, engineering firms and hydroelectric companies, or they may be self-employed technical sales specialists/agents who contract their services to other companies. Technical sales specialists in wholesale trade who are supervisors are included in this unit group.

More about this career

  • Maintain and grow sales relationships with existing clients
  • Identify and solicit potential clients
  • Assess clients' needs, recommend or assist in the selection of appropriate goods or services, and negotiate prices or other sales terms
  • Provide input into product design where goods or services must be tailored to suit clients' needs
  • Develop sales presentations, proposals, or other materials to illustrate benefits from use of good or service
  • Estimate costs of installing and maintaining equipment or service
  • Prepare and administer sales contracts and maintain customer records
  • Consult with clients after sale to resolve problems and to provide ongoing support
  • Troubleshoot technical problems related to equipment
  • Develop and maintain technical product or service knowledge to explain features to clients and answer questions about goods or services
  • Develop, implement and report on sales strategies to achieve business goals
  • Assess market conditions and competitors' activities and develop an awareness of emerging markets and trends
  • May offer training in the operation and maintenance of equipment
  • May supervise the activities of other technical staff and sales specialists.


  • A university degree or college diploma in a program related to the product or service is usually required.
  • Fluency in a specific foreign language, and/or foreign work or travel experience may be required for technical sales specialists seeking employment with companies that import or export technical goods or services.


  • Experience in sales or in a technical occupation related to the product or service may be required.
  • Technical sales supervisors require experience as a technical sales specialist.
  • A driver's licence and a good driving record may be required.

  • Aircraft sales representative
  • Communication equipment sales representative
  • Construction equipment sales representative
  • Electricity sales representative
  • Heavy equipment sales representative
  • Industrial supplies sales representative
  • Medical instruments sales agent
  • Software sales representative
  • Technical sales representative
  • Technical sales supervisor
  • Technical support specialist - wholesale trade


  • Sales engineer