Youth Dividend Program

When & where
  • Canada
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Who it's for
  • Employers Looking to Hire Recent Post-Secondary Graduates
  • iAdvance Certificate

ICTC's Youth Dividend program helps employers improve their competitiveness by hiring recent graduates with digital skills through a wage subsidy.


ICTC’s Youth Dividend program connects Canadian employers with university and college graduates between 18-30 years old who are unemployed or underemployed. These recent graduates receive training and meaningful work experience to help them transition to full-time employment. This program aims to help youth obtain ICT/digital careers while assisting employers to hire much-needed talent. 


Eligibility criteria:

  • You are a registered Canadian business or or not-for-profit organization with fewer than 500 employees
  • You can provide an internship of a minimum of 35 hours per week for the duration of the program, ending March 31, 2023 (35 hours are covered under the wage subsidy, anything in excess must be covered by the employer)
  • You have proper insurance coverage (appropriate comprehensive general liability insurance coverage)
  • You must employ the intern on the payroll (not on contract)
  • You must have the appropriate administrative support and capacity to train and mentor interns to enhance and maximize their experience
  • You must provide meaningful on-the-job training and work experience for interns in developing and implementing work activities
  • You must not have hired the youth previously under the Youth Dividend program



Interns have completed this program


Interns hired after completing this program


Employer and intern satisfied with this program


Interns were from under-represented groups


Funded by the Government of Canada’s Digital Skills for Youth Program (DS4Y)