EDGE UP 2.0 (Energy to Digital Growth Education and Upskilling Project)

When & where
  • Calgary, AB
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Who it's for
  • Career transitioners
  • iAdvance

Pivoting talents into digital technology

EDGE UP 2.0 provides Alberta employers with a pipeline of skilled professionals to fill in-demand tech roles. 

In 2015, Statistics Canada estimated that Alberta lost nearly 20,000 jobs in the oil and gas sector. At the same time, Alberta's tech sector growth has left employers struggling to fill tech roles.

Calgary Economic Development (CED) and ICTC recognized the opportunity to upskill and migrate displaced oil and gas professionals into the tech economy. A research project identified in-demand jobs in Calgary and an ICTC skills mapping tool detailed the skills needed in those in-demand jobs.

Under the leadership of CED, EDGE UP was launched as an innovative short-duration training program for displaced mid-career oil and gas professionals. ICTC, local post-secondary education institutions, and Riipen are CED's delivery partners.

Employers can access a wage subsidy to hire an EDGE UP participant for a work-integrated learning placement. 

The EDGE UP 2.0 program provides short-duration innovative and experiential training for displaced mid-career oil and gas professionals who wish to transition to in-demand digital economy jobs.


Eligibility Criteria:

As an employer, you are eligible for a wage subsidy if you are:

  • A registered business in Canada
  • Hiring mid-career professionals in digital roles from one of the EDGE UP 2.0 training streams


participants enrolled in this program


future Skills Centre investment


international Economic Development Council award received


participants employed or pursued further education